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theajsound releases new single called ‘Please’.

Photo credit @alankajoseph.raw
New Zealand has a pop singer-songwriter (theajsound) who has just released his second single ‘Please’ that deserves to be a hit! ‘Please’ comes after his debut single ‘Anymore’.  theajsound has been releasing covers on Youtube and has gathered quite a following with one of this covers Shirley Setia hit more than 11 million views around the world!
I pretty much knew that I would want to review ‘Please’ in the first 30 seconds, I mean that bass line at the start is a great intro. The vocal sound is great, loads of variation and super catchy. I was interested to learn that while searching for the percussion sound during lockdown theajsound  stated: “I was still in the zone when I went into the kitchen for a break and started playing around with what I could find.” I love that!  Using his creativity for sure as he explains “The gentle sound of maracas you can hear, is actually the sound of stirring salt in a glass,”.
Even though the song is part of his story with heartache, it is not to be taken on face value as it seems like it is a letter written to his ex, however it is written to himself asking him not to lose his true self while in the relationship.  
Please‘ has all the elements of a hit single. I really hope this song is heard and theajsound’s fans love it as much as I do. 



Check out his work on or on social media.



Instagram: @theajsound

Facebook: @theajsound

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