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Necronata releases brilliant new single ‘Diabolical’.


Necronata is the artist that the Aussie music industry needs right now! Talent drips from every bar from single ‘Diabolical’. Best song of 2020 so far! I can’t stop listening! Talk about musical and vocal variation!
Hit Alert!

Australian Brendan Grace is releasing music under the moniker Necronata as well as being the vocalist of Broken Earth, a 5 piece metalcore band. Along with his producer, Nat Sherwood from Maple Studios Brendan has just released an insanely incredible song called ‘Diabolical’.

Necronata brings to us a sound that Australia lacks, a heavy rock sound yet a song you can dance too. A completely new Aussie sound. Brendan cites Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari, and Breathe Carolina as influences, sounds that I can definitely hear this in ‘Diabolical’. 

‘Diabolical’ combines so many elements and genres. The song is a throwback to the MySpace 2000’s emo/punk/rock sound. A sound that I really love. Brendan’s vocal sound is out of this world. In any format, altered, screaming or clean it is possibly the best vocal sound that I have heard this year. ‘Diabolical’ builds up and up, with different sounds being thrown at us so fast, the first listen, I had trouble keeping up. I was working my way through submissions while working on reviews until I heard this song. Then I stopped and listened to it over and over again and got something new from it each time. 

Meaning wise ‘Diabolical’ is the first instalment for Necronata’s musical journey for 2020. This song explores a girl and her friends messing around with an Oujia board. She invites dark forces in and tragedy follows but has nothing to do with the Oujia board. The music video really tells this story well, described as “horse-skull masked cultists perform druidic rites and sacrifice one of their own to join their ranks.” (press release) 

Necronata promises more releases this year and when COVID 19 allows live shows. Imagine seeing ‘Diabolical’ live! It would be an insane experience. For now, though take a listen to ‘Diabolical’ here, and hit repeat like I am doing to get more out of the song as there are so many layers to explore. 

Oh did you know that I totally adore this song? Just checking……



Check out a past single here 

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