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‘Panda Eyes’ by Necronata premieres here right now!

We are super happy to premiere Necronata’s single ‘Panda Eyes’. Right from the start this song is engaging and you never know what is going to happen with the mix of genres. Another high quality release from Necronata.

This single follows Necronata 2020’s brilliant song “Diabolical'(read my review here).

Brendan Brendkins a North Sydney solo artist who has a musical project called Necronata whose sound is influenced by Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and Alesana, Remember that MySpace era emo sound that has catchy chorus’s and distorted guitar riffs? Necronata’s sound is just like that. I adored that sort of music back then so I love listening to Necronata. Brendan is super talented with a passionate outlook towards releasing the best music he can. 2020 was a year that he struggling with mental health issues which pushed back the release of ‘Panda Eyes. I admire Brendan’s openness when it comes to his mental health as I believe that is the way the world should be. The more conversations that we have about mental illness, the less stigma it will have.

Just like ‘Diabolical’ ,’Panda Eyes’ is packed with different elements and genres. The MySpace 2000’s emo/punk/rock sound is apparent. ‘Panda Eyes’ is fast paced with a huge variety of music and vocal styles. The not knowing what is coming next while you listen for the first few times is part of the song’s charm. The lyric video helps you focus on the meaning while listening to Brendans amazing vocal sound.

View ‘Panda Eyes’ here and read more about Necronata below.

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Necronata is the artist that the Aussie music industry needs right now! Talent drips from every bar from single ‘Diabolical’. Best song of 2020 so far! I can’t stop listening! Talk about musical and vocal variation! Jen Rees, Music Injection

“I’m a fan of Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars, but I think Leto may have some
competition in this guy from North Sydney.
” Nicole Mendes, August 2020, The Other Side
Diabolical is dramatic and over the top, with the heavier parts of the song sure to keep listeners
captivated until the very end, while the catchy chorus will have you coming back repeatedly
” Ciara
Allen, April 2020, Hysteria Mag

Check out another past single here

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