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Music Injection Aus Shout Out’s!

Shout out time! These are the songs that I almost choose to review as I liked them so I wanted to share them here. 

Hailing from South Yorkshire, Davies comes from a long line of singers and musicians. He has spent the better part of the last decade treading the boards of venues and festivals across the UK and Europe with various bands, working in musical collaborations, writing for other artists and singing in session gigs to get by. Through successes, setbacks and everything in between, he has poured himself into his musical labours, and has now produced his most personal work to date. 


Had it not been for a man with an American flag eye patch and an acoustic guitar Svea Lyon (Suh-vay-uh) (Lee-own) may have never started singing. Mr. Woody was her first-grade music teacher, and the first person to recognize her innate talent for performing. One day in class he asked for a student to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Since no one else raised their hand Svea broke the silence and started to sing. Mr. Woody told her she had a beautiful voice and to keep on singing. 

Fast forward ten years and Svea heads Mr. Woody’s advice by singing every chance she gets. Although it has been some time since she last sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star she continues to write about everything from the sky to clementines. She plays piano and guitar and aims to write a new song every week. Artists like Fiona Apple, Alicia Keys, Stevie Nicks, and Stevie Wonder inspire her. She lives in Los Angeles, with her little sister and mom. Aside from music Svea likes to read, watch the Office, and drink tea with cats.  


Post-rock and alternative duo Belle Sonder return with their first new music since the release of their 2019 debut album ‘Collected’. Inspired by the current COVID-19 situation, ‘How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’ was born out of the unique circumstances we are collectively experiencing.

Belle Sonder are Norwegian musician Eirik Bøen Gravdal (Digvalley) and British musician Liam Cook. Formed in 2014 during university studies in Liverpool, Belle Sonder released ‘Sonder/Anchorage’ in 2014, ‘Spine/Desinent’ in 2016, ’Belle Sonder EP’ in 2018 and ‘Collected’ in 2019.

Since 2014, the band has had numerous features in radio and national broadcasts, with their blend of post-rock song structures, alternative/indie rock melodies and atmospheric production.


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