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VEIO Previews Their Latest Offering, Due Out June 19, With Video For CRUX

(Photo: Morgan Larsen)

Kris Lewis Sits Down to Have a Brief Chat About New Music, and His Other Talents

If you have finished binge watching all the latest popular shows on the streaming services looking for something to occupy those lonely days, VEIO is ready to answer your call.  Kris Lewis, the bass/ vocalist took some time out to discuss what is coming up for them.

Krux, their latest video is Crux and is a strong follow up to their last track Flare of Defiance.  This timely song is nothing short but an anthem to the anti establishment.  Don’t lay down and take it mentality.

The album, Vitruvian, due out June 19 promises to be an exciting ride.  Taking a year and a half to record, with both Stephan Hawkes and Sylvia Massey, the care taken with each song is assured to come through.  “Our songs evolve organically.  We wrote the riffs separately.  Flare of Defiance has a back story.”  Their tour was scrubbed in the middle due to COVID-19, and they are “itching to get back out there”.  “It’s been magnified due to radio play. it felt good to have a bit of commercial success.”

unnamed (19)

(Photo: Morgan Larsen)

“We have toured with Seether, Tremonti, and Starset.” That is good company to be in.  Kris also gave a shout out to the Australian band Carnival for being an inspiration.  ‘(We) would not be a band if it weren’t for Carnival.”  So what would he be doing if he hadn’t been so inspired?  “Well, I have a degree in chemical engineering.  I used to design golf balls for Nike.” He is great at math, which studies have shown music classes contribute to enhanced math skills.  “For me it’s a puzzle, a perfect storm.”  He may be on to something!

Have a look at their top 30 Active Rock Hit Flare of Defiance.  I look forward to great things from this artist.

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