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Tim Freitag drops new creative video for new single called ‘Hot, Cold, With & Without (Lockdown Party)’

Are you on the lookout for a catchy tune to boost your mood? Look no further at Zürich’s indie rockers Tim Freitag ‘s new single called ‘Hot, Cold, With & Without (Lockdown Party)’. This song comes with a fun fan music video that was made while lockdown was in place. I instantly fell in love with ‘Hot, Cold, With & Without (Lockdown Party)’ that features the unique vocals of Janick Pfenninger. With a very distinct sound both vocally and musically this song stood out from the crowd of submissions. 

When considering what music video to use instead of creating a lyric video Tim Freitag connected with their fan base and asked them to send in themselves dancing to ‘Hot, Cold, With & Without’. Not only creating a project for the fans while in lockdown, but the finished music video is also fun and interesting to watch. Dogs were featured as well, which I love. 

Watch the video below and enjoy the mature, catchy sound that is Tim Freitag. 

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