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Jen interviews Necronata (Brendan) after the release of single ‘Diabolical’.

Necronata is the artist that the Aussie music industry needs right now! Talent drips from every bar from single ‘Diabolical’. Best song of 2020 so far! I can’t stop listening! Talk about musical and vocal variation!

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Necronata is the brain child of young Brendan Grace from Sydney, Australia, as well as the vocalist for 5 piece metalcore outfit Broken Earth. Necronata is described as a dangerously addictive combination of industrial synths, heavy rock guitars, and pop song structure and production. Songwriter Brendan and his producer Nat Sherwood from Maple Studios have combined forces to create a hybrid both visually and sonically reminiscent of 2000’s, MySpace themed electro-pop with a modern, heavy riff influenced rock-n-roll vibe.

While the artist was established in 2019, Necronata’s debut single for 2020, “Diabolical”, is the throwback emo cross modern punk track we’ve all been waiting for and didn’t know we needed. After being largely quiet after the artist’s debut in 2019, Brendan has promised follow-up singles for 2020 and even energetic and club-like live shows for the foreseeable future.

Brendan cites story-driven lyrical concepts similar to The Black Dahlia Murder and is musically influenced by Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari, and Breathe Carolina. He’s stated he wants to create something nostalgic yet largely unique from the usual heavy artists coming from Australia.

“I feel like there is a gap in the market for this exact type of catchy, dance-y, heavy rock, and while I was at university writing this music I thought, this is the specific type of music I want to be listening to but doesn’t really exist right now, especially in Australia’s local scene.”

Jen got the chance to have a chat with Brendan after the release of the incredible song ‘Diabolical’.

Hi Brendan,

Congrats on the success of Necronata’s single ‘Diabolical’. I have noticed that you have interviews with Australia’s top music magazines, many reviews from Music Journalist like me and rave reviews on triple J. How are you feeling now the single is out and you know that Australian music experts all totally love the single?

Thank you so much! I am so stoked that people in the industry have taken notice of my work, but more than that, they actually like it. It is a wild feeling seeing my strange mug on some music mags and blogs I used to trawl before I started writing music. It’s also so encouraging for me to hear that many of these industry folk like my music as well and would love to hear more, which of course you will.

You are also involved in a metalcore outfit called Broken Earth. How do you juggle working with Broken Earth, your solo project as well as your personal life/work life? I feel tire just thinking about it! I mean clearly there is no live shows since COVID 19 but what was it like before.

For the record, working with Broken Earth and Necronata while balancing my personal life will never feel like a chore because doing these things is exactly what I want to be doing right now and are very fulfilling to me and I am always motivated for them. My personal and work life is built to supplement and synthesise with my music endeavours so I’m in a very good place right now. Before COVID-19 I actually hadn’t played any shows with either project but practices were always in my schedule and while my calendar did get hectic I had the right mindset to be succeeding with these. You probably won’t catch me being a member of another band however because I am in a good, busy place right now but I do a rare few composition and marketing consultancies to those who ask and are willing.

You took some time over the last year from releasing music but ‘Diabolical’ was worth the wait. Did you use this time to focus on your skills and take time to do some writing? If so, it worked really well.

Oh yes, I definitely took the time to refine my craft and collaborate with other artists so I had the right sound and visuals I wanted for a professional release. Don’t worry about waiting over a year for another song – these ones will come sooner and, if you have to wait, there will be a good reason why and a more candid connection for those who follow.

Let’s talk about the amazing single ‘Diabolical’. This song is very well structured yet as a listener there are surprises that took me by surprise. The variation in your vocals I say would be my fav part. How did the writing process go with this song?


Diabolical’ definitely started from that cheeky little guitar riff for the verse that I wanted juxtaposed with a stupidly poppy chorus. I do try to write songs that are somewhat unpredictable in structure yet still nostalgic and familiar so I’m glad that connection was made for you! Fun fact, those vocal variations in the verse and chorus were written on the fly DURING recording. Both my producer and I felt it needed more theatrics and as a budding screamer, I certainly can do just that.



Where did the inspiration come from?

Before release, I actually put 1 song each from 5 artists that influenced ‘Diabolical’ in both melody and structure.

1. Breathe Electric – Emotion
2. Sleeping With Sirens – Medicine (Devil In My Head) 3. Greeley Estates – Blue Morning
4. Call The Cops – Motion Sickness
5. Pierce The Veil – Hell Above

A lot of my lyrical influences come from Alesana and The Black Dahlia Murder where they accompany their music with allegorical stories and concepts that span multiple releases and songs.

In regards to your sound, I read that you said,

“I feel like there is a gap in the market for this exact type of catchy, dance-y, heavy rock, and while I was at university writing this music I thought, this is the specific type of music I want to be listening to but doesn’t really exist right now, especially in Australia’s local scene.

I support local bands from all genres but I never actually thought that we were missing this sort of sound. Have you had the same feedback as me?

I have actually had a couple of reviews say that they haven’t really heard a sound like mine in new heavy or indie music. While it is reminiscent and nostalgic pop the offset heavy punk production is something I’m really wanting to hear more of in this genre. If you know local artists that sound like Necronata let me know who they are for sure! I would love to check them out!

Congrats of finding the exact sound that we were missing!

The story is going to continue with the next song, I personally can’t wait for that one to be released!

You have promised some follow-up singles, can you share with us any plans that you have for this year? Usually, I would promote any shows but that is not happening.

I have a re-release of Cirque Du Freak with a metal vocalist feature coming up very soon! Be sure to keep updated on the exact date – it’s going to drop very suddenly. Keep updated for a longer more extended release late 2020 as well.

Have you found the lockdown for COVID 19 a time where you could be more creative and have the time to write more music or have you found it, like me a time I look back on and thought hmmm what did I do all that time?

I have definitely capitalised on my time in lockdown. I have been so motivated to push myself creatively and in business as well. I’m really trying to take advantage of the last few weeks or months before shows come back to cement my online presence and work on my gigging prowess and image. I am definitely one of those people who feel comfortable when there are things I have to do though so there is a lot of forcing myself to be productive when it’s not really possible and I need to relax.


Thanks, Brendan. All the best for what comes next. 

No problem – thank you so much for the platform and stay safe.

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