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Henry And The Waiter drop new single ‘Little Paradise’.

Henry And The Waiter have returned with a new single called ‘Little Paradise’. This single is the debut track off their ‘Hidden Spirit’ EP. I am going to launch straight into why I love this song. Henrik’s vocals are unique and suit the also unique music well. I really do like how this song is so different from my usually submissions. I also feel that having my own place that is a haven for me rather than just a building that I live in. I have been making my own home my little paradise for 32 years! Henrik, who also wrote the song has also created his retreat that he created with his partner. I think we both appreciated our work to make our house a place where we wanted to be in current times when we have been put in isolation or lockdown. 

I adore the whistling in ‘Little Paradise’, I have always loved a good whistle in songs. The music is catchy and is a real earworm but in a good way. So take a listen and if you are like Henrik and me, and your home is your haven, you will love listening. 

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