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Matt Cole drops a new single called ‘Ready to Fly’.

Matt Cole has just released a new single that not only is a great sounding track, it also shares his personal journey moving from the rural sheep farming fields of Berkshire to the Gold Coast here in Australia. Matt used his musical skills to travel around the UK and the south of Germany but then make a good decision to move to Australia. Seeking a better life here, which was tough leaving family and friends behind, however, Matt has been super happy here. ‘Ready to Fly’ is about his story. 

As I listen to Aussie bands that I loved in the 80’s and 90’s and the songs that became classics, I can draw out many similarities from ‘Ready to Fly’ and those classic songs. They are songs about a story, a personal experience yet written in a way that others can relate. I love Matt’s vocal sound that really does soar over the music and sung with complete passion and confidence. I like the rawness, it is not overproduced to death. Matt writes, performs and produces his music in his home studio. I love the guitar, it supports the vocals well but it not overpowering. I encourage you to take a listen to ‘Ready to Fly’ as see if you can hear what I can hear, a talented musician who can definitely write great songs!

Matt Cole · Ready to Fly


Check out Matt’s first single here.


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