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Michael Burrows new single ‘Brand New Heartache feat Lior and Simon Starr’ is my new ultimate chill-out song. It’s calming vibe and catchy tune caught my attention. The gentle music and smooth gentle vocals and meaningful lyrics like, standing on the beach and letting things go, is something that I need to do. “It is hard to take a breath, I am out of depth’ really describes the feelings of a heartache. 

Check out ‘Brand New Heartache’ here.



Australian singer-songwriter Michael Burrows has teamed with long-time friends Lior and Simon Starr on his endearing new single “Brand New Heartache”.

Michael has known Lior Attar and Simon Starr from their days as teenagers at youth movements and summer camps. Lior and Simon both have highly respected music careers in Australia and they all share similar influences and life experiences.

The writing process is always fun with these guys. Three old friends getting together to have some Whiskey, listen to some records and share some stories. There are always instruments lying around so as the conversation evolves, one of us will stop and start playing and the rest join in. It’s a great environment to start jamming without any expectation or pressure and then suddenly a song starts to form” – Michael Burrows

One evening, the three friends were throwing around some cool lines and themes and chased them into a song. The melody came together really quickly and they were humming it for days after so they knew they had something special.

They recorded a bunch of songs under the loose project name of Broken Arrows and worked with Ben Edgar (Gotye , Passenger) who engineered / mixed and played electric guitar on the songs at his home studio in the Dandenong ranges area of Melbourne”.

The beauty of this kind of project was that nobody felt precious about their contribution or felt like they had to be lead vocalist. Infact they all wanted the other to sing lead as they’re all fans of each other’s style.

Brand New Heartache was the first song we recorded and I took the lead vocal spot. I really loved the way this song sounded from the first writing session and it was such a beautiful and relaxed experience writing and recording them that the tracking and mixing came together seamlessly” – Michael Burrows.

“Brand New Heartache” (feat Lior and Simon Starr) is available from Spotify, Apple Music and all major digital platforms Thursday 23rd July 2020

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