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Aussie indie rockers Man City Sirens have just released a track called ‘DO, DO, DO IT’. This post-punk rock song is extremely unique and full of variation. Listen once and you will be singing it all day, in a totally good way! I adore the guitar riff and how different the vocals sound. Check it out the music video below. It really highlights the meaning.

Man City Sirens has four members, Walter Musolino (vocals, guitar, keys) Davide Musolino (vocals, guitar, keys), Rick Vaveliuk (bass) and Mauro Trentin (drums, percussion, harmonica), combine a unique blend of British rock meets 17th and 18th century Italian arias meets 60s lyrical pop.

The song is about the betrayal of others (lying) but also about self- deception. Rather than successful, the liar is a failure. The song exhorts him to strive for honesty in action rather than calculation.” (Walter M.)


Since forming in Melbourne in early 2013, the band has produced two critically acclaimed EPs; Avalanche Of Debutantes and Exodus Of Dreams. Both were released internationally by Italian boutique record label, Areasonica Records (Bologna).

The band’s first single, “A Girl, A Picture, A Wall” recently received extensive nationwide radio play and glowing industry reactions.

The band is currently preparing its first full album scheduled for release late 2020.
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