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Jacobs Run have just released a magnificent single called ‘Number 5’. The narrative engaged me instantly, the deep relatable lyrics really made this song stand out. Michael Jacobs vocals are exceptional and are well supported by the music that builds and builds throughout the song. ‘Number 5’ is a fine example of new Aussie indie rock. I throughly enjoyed all 6 minutes and 29 seconds of the song. A must listen to track!

Jen Music Injection Aus

Melbourne indie rockers Jacobs Run make a welcome return to radio this week with their epic new single, “Number 5”.

The track features layers of guitars, infectious melodic hooks and glorious harmonies, and is another fine example of the exceptional songwriting talents of singer, songwriter Michael Jacobs.

In addition to Australia, the band’s previous singles, “Hold On A Minute”, “Use”, “Sleepwalking”, “Better Days”, “So Beautiful” and “Superman’ have also attracted generous airplay across the USA and Canada.

In October 2018 and again in March 2019, the band embarked on promotional trips to the USA to support the positive attention they’re receiving there; performing industry showcase gigs in Los Angeles and New York, as well as playing a number of promotional shows in Texas, where the band are building a loyal following. The band was to return to the US for a run of live shows mid – late 2020, but unfortunately these plans were shelved because of the COVID-19 breakout.

While in America, Jacobs Run were featured in the US trade publication, Radioinfo Talkers/Radioinfo Music Editor, Duane Doobie Jr. wrote, “Jacobs Run’s music blends layers of guitar and orchestration with organic classical melodies creating a powerful sound that highlights their Brit Pop influences while showcasing the Australian indie/alt-rock scene.

With the release of new single “Number 5” in the UK, the track is also enjoying growing airplay support there.

Jacobs run are; Michael Jacobs (guitar/vocals), Fabian Bucci (drums) and Peter Curigliano (bass)

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