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Matt Carstens drops new single ‘Tokyo Coast’.

Matt Carstens has just a released a gem of a single called ‘Tokyo Coast’. From the first line of the lyrics. “I am giving up, I have fallen out of love of everything that used to make me so happy” I was hooked. This line sums up exactly how I am feeling right now, and to hear it in a song, sure makes me feel better. Matt has a real knack of writing relatable lyrics and that is what I adore about this song. We all need somewhere we can go and just be ourselves. I have this at home. I have worked on this for the last 32 years and I have no plans of trying to find somewhere else. Matt’s vocal sound is impressive, certainly as a great range! Matt is a pop singer-songwriter from Cape Town who knows his way around his guitar. Check out ‘Tokyo Coast’ here.

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The latest in a series of wonderful works from one of SA’s most promising and prolific young songwriters.” Peer Music * not this is South Africa not South Australia

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