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Cambrian Shores release catchy tune called ‘Coming Home’.

Cambrian Shores is made of lifelong friends who share a passion for music. Formed in Encinitas California while having a break from surfing, they have just this month released their debut album called “The Coming Home’ via Pacific Records. It is difficult to slot their sound into one genre, as it is a unique sound, with quirky music. Cambrian Shores classify their sound as acoustic/electric rock.

‘Coming Home’ features a Hawaiian Slack Key tuned (Taro Patch tuning) 12 acoustic string guitar, pedal steel guitar, cajon, bass, and acoustic guitar. Wow! No wonder I find the sounds quirky! The meaning of all being together and accepting one another is very timely right now in 2020 with the Black Lives Matter movement and of course the horrible Pandemic. Take a listen to ‘Coming Home’ here.


The band lineup includes brothers Brian (Guitar/Vocals) & Sean Witkin (Bass/Percussion/Vocals), Cameron Lange (Lead Guitar) and Kyle Kelly (Drums).

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