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Lola Lennox drops new single ‘Back At Wrong’.

Singer, songwriter and musician Lola Lennox has released an amazingly new single called ‘Back At Wrong’. This single showcases her incredible vocal sound and range. Listening to her vocals I get the feeling that she is able to achieve anything with her talent. Lola has the marvellous ability to tell a story of a toxic relationship that she went through, although she could have been writing about one I lived through. All these attributes add up to be a sign of a super talented artist!

The music video is engaging and expressive. Directed by Alexis Gudino, (Jennifer Lopez) it follows the real life drama of a young couple’s life. Lola states this about the music video.

“Depicting a day in the life of a couple at home, we witness the turbulent ups and downs of their love affair: one moment smiling, laughing and affectionate; and the next in fits of rage, distanced, and threatening to leave – the masks are off. With touches of a twisted retro fantasy, (I’m a huge fan of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock), we see into a domesticated nightmare. The song itself is raucous and high energy, and the video matches its vivacious nature with quick changing flashes of imagery to reveal the dysfunctional story of the couple. Everybody understands the feeling of being stuck in a situation that isn’t right. This video depicts all the feelings that come with that, but on steroids.” – Lola Lennox  

Check out the video here.

Previous to ‘Back At Wrong‘ Lola had performed with her mother, Annie Lennox, for Global Citizen One World: Together At Home , a well known song called ‘There Must Be An Angel‘. Lola also collaborated with Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory on the soundtrack for the 2019 “Serengeti” docu-series.


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