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Thom Lion drops new single called ‘Scattered Words’.

Singer-songwriter from Adelaide (Australia) Thom Lion has just released a gem of song called ‘Scattered Words’. I was hooked right from the start, with the face paced music that was an instant mood uplifting change. I adore his vocal sound, in fact I adore the whole song! Thom Lion had this to say about his release.

“Scattered Words is a celebration of that love induced anxiety you get when you fall for someone at the local front bar – yet can’t construct a proper sentence when they speak to you. For whatever reason, when feelings are involved – I always seem to over compensate with more scattered words.” –

 ‘Scattered Words’ is a follow-up to his previous single ‘Not Your Bfrnd’ and it continues the love story. I think most people will relate to the meaning, of falling in love and being unable to talk to that person like you would normally. Thom Lion has this to say about this EP that is due out later this year.

“Looking over each song from this EP I realised that they’re all written from a really raw place, either from the pits of a breakup, or times when I’ve felt lost, so writing and performing is a form of therapy for me.”

Thom Lion has partnered with Believe worldwide for the release of Scattered Words out 28 Aug.

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