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Deeder releases new single ‘Make The World’.

Deeder is an artist that sure is independent. He writes his own music, performs it, and mixes and producers it. Producing his music from home, he describes his music to fit into these genres, Pop Rock with influences from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Prog, New Wave and Post punk. I must say that I don’t mind what genre ‘Make The World’ is classified in, I think it is bold, full of life and passion.

‘Make The World’ begins with a great guitar riff that caught my interest, and I was pleased to hear when the vocals started that they were strong, clear and clearly Deeder is capable of captivating my attention with his vocal sound. Deeder states that he “wants to create music that represents life.” I think that ‘Make The World’ indeed represents life. This song is inspirational, encouraging us to be ourselves in this world. The lyrics;

One step

One action

In the end we will reach our goal

Start doing

Stop thinking

And we will Make the World

I think these lyrics are very motivational and could be related to many situations that people find themselves in. For me, it encourages me to fight the battles with my health, and try to stay well enough to stay out of my wheelchair. It also encourages me to start doing things, putting my words into action. For example, doing my part in changing behaviours to make this world a better place to leave for the next generation.

As you can tell ‘Make The World’ is not the run of the mill song, it is so much more. With the relatable lyrics, the wonderful supporting music and Deeders incredible vocals this song really does have it all. Take a listen here and see what it inspires you to do.

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