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‘Life in Japan’ is the latest single from Kowloon.

Californian musician and filmmaker Kowloon has released a quirky single called ‘Life in Japan’. I love the uniqueness of this song, the music and the vocals. A fully DIY song created in his home studio in California. The bass line gives the song it’s uniqueness as well as the vocals. ‘Life in Japan’ explores how we can feel like a stranger in our own city where we were born and raised. Everything around us is changing, and technology, like the internet and mobile phones have really change the world until we no longer recognise a place where we have lived our whole lives. This theme is very relatable to all, as the whole world has evolved fasted this century than ever before. Take a listen to ‘Life in Japan’ and hear what I heard, a unique song with a meaning that you will connect to.

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