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Okabe releases new single called ‘Broken Home’.

Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Kevin Okabe has just released a song called ‘Broken Home’. This song is a perfect showcase for Okabe’s incredible vocals that have such great sound and range. Living in my home town Melbourne while searching for his own true sound after a band break up and a refocus on his life, he is now ready to release music that is from his heart. Okabe has now moved back to Canada after finding what he was looking for in Melbourne.

His latest single called ‘Broken Home’ is a story being told from the woman’s perspective and the feelings that developed of resentment in a relationship. A very relatable theme and was certainly one I had lived through before. Kevin’s ability to write songs that connect to me is one reason I love his music. Of course the other reason is that it sounds so damn good! Take a listen to ‘Broken Home’ here.

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