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Fialta releases new single called ‘Modern Hero’.

When describing Fialta, a band made up of two married couples with amazing vocals and harmonies, with songs that have a 70’s tinge to them you would think I would be describing ABBA. Fialta states that ABBA is an influence and I agree that I can hear their sound in their latest single ‘Modern Hero’.

This Californian indie pop band was ready to release ‘Modern Hero’ earlier this year but with the events of 2020, personally for the band losing family members, the national grief over the deaths of George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others, the timing was not right. With the emotions of the Black Lives Movement protests in their home city, to release such a catchy summery song felt insensitive. I agree and applaud their sensitivity. David Provenzano (guitars, vocals) states “We’ve been feeling so sad all summer, which is the reason we’ve delayed this release.” With their 3rd album ready to go they have been informed by their fans that now is a great time to have something as a pick me up to listen too. Acknowledging that it is still an emotional time ‘Modern Hero’ was released.

‘Modern Hero’ is a disco track that encourages people to dance and can lift a mood for a respite to 2020. With a 70’s influence it has incredible harmonies as well as a synth and horns. The lead vocals are beautiful! As much as the song sounds great, I was really impressed by the clever lyrics. Written last year, in a very different mind set. I vaguely remember 2019 and feeling that was a bad year. ‘Modern Hero’ was written about not being happy with modern life, how technology has taken over our lives, like social media for example. Lyrics such as “

I don’t wanna give you my login

I don’t wanna give you the password that goes to my heart

I don’t want your technical jargon

I don’t want a human computer asleep in my arms”

are very meaningful! I originally thought that the first line was “I don’t wanna give your my loving” which would have made another love song to add to the ever growing list of love song. Instead the song means so much more. Well done Fialta, on writing about this topic, I like the concept of not wanting to fall asleep with a computer, but with a real person. Take a listen to ‘Modern Hero’ here.


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Twitter: @fialta

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