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Dave Robertson & The Kiss List release single ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’.

Dave Robertson is a lyrical genius! He has joined up with The Kiss List and they have released a deep and meaningful song, ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ that explores many topics, but I wanted to focus on climate change. Firstly, I must mention that Dave’s vocals match the serious topic of our world’s future and The Kiss List add an element of contrasting warmth.

‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ is written about the times in which Australian’s live in. At start of 2020, the Black Summer Fires were a direct result of our leadership that is only focussed on wealth, fossil fuels and the now of living. The lyrics that stood out for me are “To focus on heaven is to create a hell, For the meek to inherit unless they rebel“. Wow I totally agree! Even though we are a secular nation our leadership are focussed on a Christian belief of living their life to get into heaven and believing that is the future rather than focussing on leaving our world a better place for future generations. At the end of the song a focus on the school strikes for Climate Change “There’s children chanting on the hill, With placards raised above their heads, While the silence in the classroom they all came from, Echoes their inheritance” and the hope that these children can change what seems their destiny now. I admire Dave Robertson’s lyrical ability and how all the elements in the song are super relatable to me, and anyone that actually cares our the future of our world. We, the meek need to rebel to save the world for future generations. Now! Before it is too late. Thanks Dave, for writing lyrics that express how I feel, clearly quite passionately!







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