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Gold Connections drops single called ‘Ammunition’.

Gold Connections began in 2017 when his mate Will Toledo recorded his debut EP. After two EP’s later, Popular Fiction (2018) and Like A Shadow (2019) they have released a new single ‘Ammunition’ from their EP with the same name.

‘Ammunition’ stood out to me mainly because of the catchy guitar riffs and Will’s unique slightly husky vocals. Of course with my love of a good bass line ‘Ammunition’ stayed in my mind for quite a while. (in a good way!

Meaning wise Will Marsh states “It’s about finding yourself in a moment which you can only battle through to survive,” he says. “I’m not talking about street violence or anything literal like that, but the smell of combat that lingers in the air, that fight or flight feeling which permeates even mundane situations. ” This information assisted me to connect more to the song as I am not a huge gun fan but I can relate to many scenarios when I have had the flight or fight adrenaline rush. I encourage you to listen to ‘Ammunition’ here.

You can listen or buy the P Ammunition here.








The music video, directed by UVA film student Phineas Alexander, features a diverse cast of artists and athletes also attending the University, including members of the Wushu Club and the X-Tasee hip-hop dance crew.

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