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Greya drops new single ‘Thrive’.

21 year old Greya always knew she was going to be a singer. Lucky for us as I totally love her vocal sound that has an impressive huge range. Greya tells us that “I want every song people hear of mine to provoke a physical reaction in their body, whether it’s tapping or pressure building in their chest or wanting to cry or punch something.” Well Greya, mission complete with ‘Thrive’ as this is exactly what happened to me when I first listened. The song made me stop what I was doing and totally focussed on the song, and the physical ache in my chest was real! Memories from a past one sided relationship emerged. I look forward to what comes next for Greya, her talent deserves to be played on all radio stations. Take a listen here.





TIK TOK: OVER 8 million fan made streams @iamgreya

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