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‘I Can’t Go, I Can’t Stay’ is Filip Dahl’s latest single.

Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl is a seasoned artist who has many years of experience that he draws upon for his latest single ‘I Cant Go, I Cant Stay’. Starting his musical career in the 70’s in a few Norwegian rock bands, he then moved into becoming a renowned engineer and record producer. He founded the Trondheim based Brygga Studio during the 80’s and 90’s.

I Can’t Go, I Can’t Stay‘ is one of his songs off his latest album ‘Translucent Dreams Of An Opaque Mind’. Filip wrote this song about a man rising to become a star then losing everything he had. I connect to this more so in being stuck in a relationship where there was a choice to make, to stay or leave but both are impossible choices. Filip entertains us with his guitar talent and vocals that build up and up creating interest. I look forward to hearing more songs from Filip. In the mean time take a listen to ‘I Can’t Go, I Can’t Stay‘ here.

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