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Card Reader drop incredible new single ‘Smiling Ghost’.

I love a good pop punk song and I just found one by Card Reader called ‘Smiling Ghost’. With a sound reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World and other pop punkers, Tom Petito (guitars & vocals), Rob Cigliano (drums), Marc Lambert (guitar) and Matt Sullivan (bass&/vocals) are newcomers who have just released their first EP called ‘Mental Scar’s. If the songs on this EP are the same quality of sound as ‘Smiling Ghost’ it will be one to add to your fav pop punk playlist. ‘Smiling Ghost’ is about using your past to your advantage. I like that idea as some influences want you to forget your past. Just be who you are! This is the meaning of the song and my life mantra. Take a listen here, if you love pop punk you will love ‘Smiling Ghost’.

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