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Barton Hartshorn releases new single ‘Listen for a change’.

Barton Hartshorn is described as “A jewel on the English scene.” by Rolling Stone. I totally agree! Barton has many years of experience in the music industry and also is a producer. Growing up in Hartshorn, a small English village, he spent time listening to songs in the Folk genre which is reflected in his story telling style songs. The first single off his new album, ‘Not what I expected to hope for’ that was recorded in June is ‘Listen for a change’. The meaning of this song is dear to my heart and I really connect to it. The issues of today, climate crisis, poverty, hunger, equality are explored in ‘Listen for a change’ (and more) do seem to encourage action in the younger generation so maybe there will be a change. There needs to be! The lyrics are engaging and thought provoking, about how when we were young there was a passion and intent to save the world but as we get older it seems to matter less. Barton states ” Maybe it would be a good idea to pay more attention to that childhood voice we left sometime in the past…” I totally agree! To add to the appeal of ‘Listen for a change’ Barton has a unique vocal sound that caught my attention. The music video is worth watching as it adds depth to the meaning. Take a look at the music video here.

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