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Limon Limon drop new single ‘Away’.

Limon Limon are a band that I look forward to listening to each of their releases. I admire them as they consistantly release enjoyable songs to listen to. Their music needs to be noticed! Their latest track is called ‘Away’ and has their signiture sound, super catchy and full of energy. As with the many songs of theirs that I have reviewed, I love how this dynamic duo skills complement each other.

A super high percentage of the world right now would love to get away on a holiday, to explore the world. Sadly the pandemic has crushed these dreams. The closest we can get is to dream about it or watch docos on the countries that we want to visit, not the same! I don’t have the travel bug but I know that most people do, so ‘Away’ is a super relatable and you will find yourself singing along to the lyrics. Take a listen here.

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