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‘Novel Opening’ is another Seven Layer Piano Cakes song worth listening to!

Here is another gem to listen to from Seven Layer Piano Cakes, called ‘Novel Opening’ (piano and lead vocals version) from ‘Instrumentals and a Mellow One EP’ with the original version (see below) is on ‘The Patriarch EP. You can read my review on ‘Kaleidoscope’ here and ‘Patriarch’ here.

Seven Layer Piano Cakes vocalist Justin Hoyt has a mesmorising vocal sound and the dynamic keys of ‘Novel Opening’ captured my attention. I love how the music alone causes changes in my emotions. When the vocals are added, lyrics written from the frustration of the effects of the pandemic that are very relatable. I like the lyrics, “it was more than thoughts and prayers” that was needed for the events of 2020. From an Aussie’s insight, the US government lack of action towards to the COVID 19 Pandemic is baffling, and from the writers point of view we see an insight into the real emotions of Justin Hoyt who is living the nightmare.

The range of vocals are impressive as is the atypical chord progression in the chorus. ‘Novel Opening’ is certainly a different song from my usual reviews but hey variety makes our world more interesting.


If you would like to check out the original version you can do so here.


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