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Seven Layer Piano Cakes release single ‘Patriarch’.

It is with pleasure that I write my first review for 2021, an epic multi-genre song called ‘Patriarch’ by Seven Layer Piano Cakes. This song stood out from the crowds of submissions due to its deep meaning, emotional build up and beautiful vocal sound including the incredible harmonies.

There is an eclectic arrangement of instruments and sounds which makes ‘Patriarch’ intriguing to listen to and the more I do the more I adore it. Being piano and keys based makes the meaningful ballad pull at the heart strings. Justin from Seven Layer Piano Cakes certainly knows how to write story telling lyrics. ‘Patriarch’ is an exploration of the effects of war on soldiers and their families. It takes the listener on a journey through the reality of many returning soldiers, what they go through, including destructive behaviours that can destroy a family. With Justin’s expressive vocal sound each time I listen I really do feel emotions such as despair and sadness for the soldiers and their families. I also consider the futility of war and the frustration of why?

Seven Layer Piano Cakes have released two other songs recently, you can read my review on ‘Kaleidoscopehere and ‘Novel Opening’ here.

Listen to ‘Patriarch’, and reflect on the effects of war on not just the soldiers but the people around them.


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