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Kipani releases single called ‘Stay In’.

Kipani is the moniker of New Yorker Tiffany Jhingoor. While growing up she was learning the piano, however really did not enjoy it. Years later while using her creative abilities writing songs, something was not feeling right. It was not until she sat at a piano again that she realised it was the thing that was missing. Moving into the Indie Pop genre Kipani released her first EP called ‘Take a Minute’ last year in June.

When I first listened to ‘Stay In’ I instantly felt a connection to the song due to the amount of time that I have spent at home due to being immune suppressed and how in 2020 I spent 90% of it at home in my safe zone. This song is relatable to all who love being at home, and feeling safe and secure there. Kipani’s vocals are incredibly beautiful and the gentle supporting music sets the scene. Check out ‘Stay In’ here.

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