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Unrivaled drops intense rock song ‘I’ve Relapsed’.

Formed back at the start of 2019 Unrivaled has their own unique blend of a mix of punk and metal. Unrivaled clearly have a great live show as they have opened for bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Eyes Set to Kill.

Recently they have released a meaningful song called ‘I’ve Relapsed’. Focusing on the theme of self harm and drug addition it explores the real struggle of these issues. Unrivaled’s debut album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is due out January 29th and the theme looks at what it is like living in your twenties right now. I feel that ‘I’ve Relapsed’ is relatable to this age group, although I can only imagine due to my age. I love the sound of ‘I’ve Relapsed’ and knew from the first minute that I would review and share the song. The vocal sound is unique and has a firm strength to them while moving pretty fast. Best listened to when you can sing it loud. ‘I’ve Relapsed’ is an impressive single from such a young band. I look forward to hearing more from Unrivaled.

Keep an eye open for Unrivaled’s debut album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ due out January 29th.

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