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Nathaniel Paul releases single ‘songbird’.

When you listen to this song, you may recognise the incredible vocals of Nathaniel Paul who is one half of popular duo The Bergamot. This multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter is now releasing solo music. His latest single ‘songbird’ is based on a conversation that he had with a stranger in a grocer store. Ever felt that you were meant to be in a place both in time and in person to have a chat with someone? This song is based on one of these times, as lockdown means if we want to chat to people other than the ones we live with, the only encounters will be the essential trips. Nathaniel had this experience recently and has based ‘songbird’ on this. The conversation opener was “Life is hard when you outlive all the ones you love.” This sentence alone makes me feel sad.

However this elderly gentleman had worked out a plan to escape from this life and I feel this should inspire people that it is possible to change your life circumstances. Nathaniel Paul wrote this song to give us hope that what we are experiencing due to COVID, that there is still hope. Even with the events in the US in the last 48 hours there is still hope.

‘songbird’ is a perfect showcase of Nathaniel Paul’s beautiful expressive vocals. His songwriting skills are also evident. Check out ‘songbird’ here. You won’t regret it!



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