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Estella Dawn releases new single ‘Petty’.

If you read my reviews, you will know how much I love Estella Dawn’s releases. She writes songs that are relatable, and often about her own life experiences. In 2020 Estella released a new single every 6 weeks. Now in 2021 she has released her first single ‘Petty’. In this song we hear Estella’s full vocal range that sure is impressive! ‘Petty’ is a song many will connect to, Estella is reflecting on a relationship/relationship that has failed and how even though you know that person as well as you know yourself, it is best not to be petty and use that information to hurt them. It is the right thing to do and be better person than that. Estella has, once again, released a song that really does show to the world what a talented artist she is. Take a listen here to ‘Petty’.

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