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Sofi Gev drops single ‘You’re the Star’.

Indie pop artist Hannah Lovelady has a solo project called Sofi Gev. A new single has just been dropped called ‘You’re the Star’. From the first listen I knew this song was worthy of a review. I adore the dreamy landscape that both the music and vocals set. Sofi Gev had an ideal musical childhood, with her father singing Joni Mitchell songs to her and him playing the guitar while singing words from cookbooks. Thanks to Sofi Dad, we now have an adult Sofi releasing high quality music we can enjoy. Sofi, of course has her own talent in songwriting and her amazing vocal sound. ‘You’re the Star’ is definitely the perfect showcase to appreciate her beautiful voice. Meaning wise as Sofi’s press release says that ‘You’re the Star’ is about “an intimate yet universal way a woman bravely, fearfully, but honestly embracing and confronting life.” I do admire that this is explored as it is such a worthwhile topic to write about. Check out this gem of a track here.

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