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Kisos releases new single ‘He Didn’t Want Me’.

‘He Didn’t Want Me’ is THE song to listen to if you are experiencing heartbreak. Kisos is an amazing artist!” Jen – Music Injection Aus

Usually an artists bio tells me about their musical family history. When I read Kisos’ it made me smile as it explains that he came from a family that “who couldn’t care less about music.” Still, when Kisos realised he was and had the vocal talent to join his uni’s gospel choir he learnt how to sing. Leaving this in his past, his grandmother asked why he was not using his talent. This spurred Kisos on to take the step to move to New York and start using his talent.

His latest single ‘He Didn’t Want Me’ is a different style of song than the singles I review. The reason is that is a song about grief and deeply emotional. Listening to ‘He Didn’t Want Me’ hurts. You can hear the pain and feel the pain when Kisos beautifully sings the melancholy lyrics. For me that means that Kisos is a super talented artist. It is clear that Kisos has a wide range vocal sound that he uses to the fullest. When watching the video I could see the pain as well and as the different stage of grief is explored my chest hurts! Incredible as I have not felt the pain of heartbreak for nearly 20 years.

Kisos states ” He Didn’t Want Me’ is about the acceptance stage of grief, and because it’s lyrically so depressing, I wanted to balance that with an uplifting, ethereal ritual of rebirth. It was important for me to also honor the symbolic hands of friends and family who cared for me at my lowest points. People who helped me shed my self-hatred, allow love and beauty back in, and re-internalize that I am worthy.

Take a listen to this beautifully expressed heartbreak below and enjoy the imagery used. Kisos is the full package as an artist. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

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