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Elena drops new single ‘Build a Ship’.

Elena at the age of ten knew she wanted to be a pop star. This London based Canadian originally wrote songs for other singers due to Elena did not consider herself as a singer. One night will working late when all the singers had left, the producers asked her to sing and now Elena has found her voice. I really do like her vocal sound as it has unique qualities. I also thought her spoken narrative adds to the appeal of her latest single called ‘Build a Ship’.

This song explores Elena’s realisation that the one night stand guy was not really into her and after a few attempts to charm him, she decides that there is no hope, and turns that feeling into a beautiful song. The idea of escaping the situation is by building a ship and sail away, imagery that really does capture the feeling of wanting just to leave and not look back. Instead of having a sense of sadness, the acoustic tune captures a sense of hope for what is to come after the ship has sailed. Take a listen to ‘Build a Ship’ here.

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