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Indie rockers Man City Sirens consists of Walter Musolino (vocals,guitar,keys), Davide Musolino Ovocals,guitar,keys), Rick Vaveliuk (bass) and Mauro Trentin (drums, percussion, harmonica). This Melbourne indie band formed back in 2013 and have released 2 EP’s, ‘Avalanche Of Debutantes’ and ‘Exodus Of Dreams’. Great news for fans, old and new, Man City Sirens are currently working on their first full length album due out later this year.

Man City Sirens have just released a single called ‘Joanna’ that explores an activist’s mind, using Joan of Arc, one of histories most interesting individuals. Her story is inspirational for activists today. There are certainly enough injustices in the world for this song to encourage people to speak their minds. Walter Musolino tells us Joanna celebrates the independent, activist mind: in particular, Joan Of Arc, one of history’s prototypical feminists who epitomised spiritual convictions and commitment to action, and, like all ‘true believers’, paid the price”.


Also, check out one of my fav’s from Man City Siren’s here

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