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The Studio cast of FANGIRLS releases ‘Feels So True’.

Hey! Have you seen Fangirls yet? It is doing it’s second tour of Australia and received brilliant reviews. Yve Blake, Kimberley Hodgson, Chika Ikogwe, Ayesha Madon, James Majoos and Sharon Millerchip make up the studio cast of Fangirls all combine their talents that we can see in ‘Feels So True’. This song is in the musical and is about loving things even though they are not cool. I like the scene it sets, of writing fan fiction that is a way of seeing the world in a totally new way. This made up world feels true and is way better than reality.

When this lockdown is over, check out if you can catch the show ‘Fangirls’. I would love to! it sounds brilliant. In the mean time listen to ‘Feels So True’ here.

“Believe the hype. The Fangirls phenomenon is real. This could be the most fun you have in the theatre this year!”

Kate Prendergast – Limelight Magazine

“Witty and agile with a powerhouse cast, Yve Blake’s musical balances serious social reflections with a loving twinkle in its eye”

Cassie Tongue – The Guardian

“One for the true fans – and everyone else”

John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald

More info on the musical:

Edna’s fourteen and is head over heels in love with Harry – he’s beautiful, talented, perfect. But he’s also the face of ‘True Connection’, the world’s biggest boy band. And getting his attention will stretch the resources of anyone – even someone as clever and resourceful as Edna.

Yve Blake’s uproarious musical makes its much-anticipated return.

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