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Cry Red drops remix of their single called ‘One Way Streets’.

I have never heard the original version of ‘One Way Streets’ but I can tell you I love this version. Indie pop rockers Cry Red mix many of the genres that I love and release music with meaning, just like ‘One Way Streets’. Cry Red releases their debut album in 2020 called ‘Everything and the Space in Between’. Using their time in lockdown well and working to increase their social media presence and should be delighted with the over 35,000 streams of ‘Everything and the Space in Between’ on Spotify. What I love about the remix of ‘One Way Streets’ is it’s relaxing laid back style that is quite calming for me. I really like the vocal sound and the lyrics. I am tempted to listen to the original but I am so happy with this version, I think I won’t. Take a listen here and follow Cry Red on social media to keep up with their news.

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