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Howlin’Circus drops single called ‘Dresden’.


Rock and rollers Howlin’ Circus have just released a new song called ‘Dresden’. Howlin’ Circus became legendary when they handed out hundreds of joints at a live show just after the legalization of cannabis in Canada. ‘Dresden’ was written during the last of live shows last year and he was inspired by art and music from the Middle East, where he has been unable to visit his family and friends. Having loads of time to experiment with his music during the pandemic her has written a beautiful song. I really love how ‘Dresden’ makes me feel. It is contrasting in a way, as I feel relaxed when listening to it but if I listen to the lyrics more it beings up how frustrating this pandemic is. I really like that. Jafar Sandouk has a interesting unique vocal sound that is for sure one of the highlights of the song. Take a listen to ‘Dresden’ here.

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