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Joshua Worden drops new single ‘Alright’.

Alright’ is a song that captures the conflicting voices in my head. The positive voice is louder and clearer, just the way it should be.Jen Rees Music Injection.

Joshua Worden first released music back in 2015, an album called ‘Into Fog’. Then life got in the way of using his talents until now. I say that in regards of releasing music. Over that time however his ideas and thoughts were like a slowly forming concept that when he decided it was time to work on his music, these songs came to life. Joshua’s single ‘Alright’ stood out to me due to it’s relaxing effect it had on me. For me it is the negative part of mind, the catchy part of the vocals, being told to chill out and calm down by the words of wisdom of the firmer vocals. I love how someone who I have not met can write a song that represents the inner voices in my head. Not only that it is a catchy song to listen to, the hip-hop-influenced beats that support the incredible vocal sound make ‘Alright’ a treat to listen to. You can do that here.

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