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Capital Sons drop new single called ‘Revolution Road’.

Capital Sons are no new comers to the music world. With over ten years of experience, they have just announced their 5th release called ‘Tempest’. From this EP comes an epic single called ‘Revolution Road’. When I listen to Karl Obermeyer singing his clever lyrics I wonder why have I not heard this amazing unique vocal sound before? I love ‘Revolution Road’ so I am going to be checking out their music on Spotify later.

If you read my reviews you know that I love a good rebellious song, that is written about the experiences of the times. ‘Revolution Road’ is such a song, Timeless lyrics, like ” we need to realise, it is time to visualise, we have seen enough to know that nothing ever changes” really do make ‘Revolution Road’ a song to sing out loud with meaning. I see ‘Revolution Road’ as a place that you can go to find people who feel the same way, but is also a metaphor for all of us to actually stand up for what we believe in. Take a listen here.

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