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‘Passenger Seat’ is the latest release from Crocodyle.

Are you a pop punk fan that needs a new vibrant energetic band to add to your fav playlist? Look no further as Crocodyle is what you are looking for. These guys have a bright future! Check out their music below.

‘Passenger Seat’ is a fantastic fast paced gem of a song from a new pop punk band called Crocodyle. Their previous single called ‘I Feel Good.’ is also worth listening to! I do love finding a new young pop punk band that have a youthful sound but their music is tight and sounds like they have been around for a while. Bring on April when their EP will be dropped, produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant.

It is great to listen to such a song like ‘Passenger Seat’, a song when you know that this song is meaningful but also is made by guys having fun and showing their passion for music. ‘Passenger Seat’ does a have good meaning, we all want someone to be our partner and be that special one, if it is in the passenger seat or the other side of the bed. I adore the vocal sound and the way that I can understand every word even though the song is very fast paced.

‘Passenger Seat’ music video is amusing to watch and after seeing this one and their video for ‘Feel Good’ I can tell we can expect their music videos are always going to be epic and unique to them. I would love to see in a festival like the good old days where mosh pits were insane and there was no fear of a Pandemic. Still when we get back to having festivals Crocodyle will have an impressive playlist of original songs no doubt.

Check out ‘Passenger Seat’ here and I Feel Good below. Also follow them on social media! spotify youtube facebook instagram 

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