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Harrison Kipner drops new single ‘Get Down’.

Get Down’ highlights Harrison Kipner’s songwriting talent as well as the use of his vocals like the echoing, that features the meaning of the song. A must listen! Music Injection Aus

Harrison Kipner has song writing in his blood. Not just the average songs, but songs like his father wrote, ‘Physical’ for Olivia Newton John and his grandfather ‘Too Much, Too Little, Too Late’ back in 1978. Harrison expresses how it felt to open for Rick Astley in Carfest in England playing in front of 35,000 people, just with him and his guitar as INSANE!. He is never going to give up that memory!

‘Get Down’ is about playing hide and seek with your dreams. The song sounds like the person, is safe and looking outside from the inside where nothing will hurt him. However this is no way to live and to be truly happy you need to get out and live your best life. Great advice (pandemic permitting I must add). I totally adore Harrison’s vocals, the way he almost speaks the lyrics in the verses. The music video supports the meaning really well, the dancer being a girl called Quincie that he met at a coffee shop. Her movements really fit with the inside and outside concept, looking out through the fence, then dancing in the oval, being free. Check out ‘Get Down’ here.

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