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Kama Tala releases new single called ‘Honore’.

Indie pop outfit Kama Tala have an unique blend of genre’s due to their many influences with Soul, Rock, Pop, Jazz and World music filtering through their music. I love the catchiness of ‘Honore’, it is a instant mood lifter. I also really dig that bass line! ‘Honore’ caught my attention as it is a totally different sound than I would normally listen to and there was something about the positivity and hope that made the song stand out. ‘Honore’ explores how no matter what happens, there is always hope and you can return to a place that you are welcome and supported. 2020 was a year that we needed to hear, listen and understand that message. Even looking at the worst year of our lives there was hope. Who knows what our Covid normal will look like in the future but what we do know is that there is always hope even if we can’t feel it all the time. ‘Honore’ is a song worth listening to for the message, and for the vibrant music and unique vocal sound. Take a listen here.


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