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Australian indie rockers MAN CITY SIRENS have just released a new single called ‘RUN AWAY’. This melodic rock song features the great vocals of Davide Musolino, also on the guitar and keys, as well as the rest of the outfit,Walt Musolino (vocals, guitar, keys), Rick Vaveliuk (bass) and Mauro Trentin (drums, percussion, harmonica). I have always liked Man City Sirens British rock sound.

‘Run Away’ has a lot of energy in it and I can imagine it would be a great song to hear live, with its fast pace and intensity that builds throughout the song. ‘Run Away’ is about how we continually run away from the things that can hurt us, however the place we try and go is only an illusion. Water Musolino states “Run Away is the race of life: away from danger but also into illusory escape. However we live, travels in blissful ignorance or destinations of safety in solitude are unrealistic. We journey eternally exposed and always in need of help.”

Take a listen below and let your energy be boosted as the driving fast track pace of ‘Run Away’ certainly boosted mine.

The band is currently preparing its first full album scheduled for a late 2021 Release.


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