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The Badloves Melbourne Gig Review

Info on more Badloves gigs here. Check out their merch here

On a freezing cold Melbourne night The Badloves played at The Corner Hotel. If you stayed home because of the steady hard rain or the cold you missed out on a brilliant gig.

First band of the night King Canyon, were as spectacular live as I imagined they would be. I had heard some of their songs before, read my review here. I knew that Jimmy Cupples had one of the best vocal sound and range I had heard but I was not prepared to totally fall in love with Jimmy’s stage persona and sound. He engaged the crowd, and it was great to hear how the crowd gave them loads of clapping and cheering at the end of each song. James Ryan was incredible on the guitar, really showing his expertise. I honestly think that King Canyon was the best band to support The Badloves. Their song ‘Angel In Disguise’ featuring James on his Cole Clark lap steel (lapdog). You can watch the acoustic version here. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their news.

Then an engaging folk singer, Charles Jenkins, keep us entertained with his amusing stories and songs. Charles is a local Melbournian who performed songs about the Melbourne Eye, Vic Market, the Kelly gang wearing petticoats. The song ‘Prey my Dear Daughter’ was the best song of his set. A song with a meaning and humour within the lyrics. I spoke to Charles after the show and he was as funny and endearing as he was on stage. Stayed tuned for an interview with him in the near future.

The Badloves

‘Get on Board’ Vinyl release.

Having 2 great supports really set up the crowd for the main event, The Badloves. I have not seen them live since, well when I was in my 20’s so quite a while! Having interviewed Michael Spiby (you can read that here) and chatting to him about their different songs, actually hearing them and remembering what we discussed added an extra fun element to the night.

I can’t tell you in mere words how awesome their set was. Being in the front row meant plenty of eye contact, and the feeling of being a real part of the gig. There set list had all my fav’s on it and their two latest tracks, including ‘Tribal’ their new single. (See that here) It may have been a combination of not having seen a live band for nearly 2 years, or the reminiscing that The Badloves music takes me on, but when Michael sang Spirit in the Sky, I teared up and got very emotional! Luckily my husband was behind me and gave me a big hug while he sang along. Suzie Ahern was singing back up vocals like she did in the original recording of ‘Get on Board”. This added such a great element to the show. Check out more from Suzie here.

Each member of The Badloves are super talented. Each one has mastered their instrument/s, and vocals. During ‘The Weight’ each member sang a part which made it pretty special. Although I am not sure if Tony the keyboard player sang, but he sure knows how to play the keyboard, one highlight of this was the organ playing in ‘Spirit in the Sky).

I recorded ‘What’s on Your Mind’ as that is my fav song. Not the best video, I was low in my wheelchair but it captures the sound quite well, as well as an iphone does.

There was only one negative of the whole show and that was that it had to end. Even with an encore I was not ready for it to end. To be fair, each member of the band put on 110% into the gig so I think they needed to stop!

If you have the chance, I encourage you to go to one of The Badloves gig. More info here. Or support them by checking out their merch here

Written by Jen Rees

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