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Melbourne guitarist James Ryan and vocalist Jimmy Cupples have combined to create an exciting new band, King Canyon. The blues-fueled rock project, centered on killer guitar riffs and soulful vocals, recalls the sounds of the 60s and 70s legendary British blues / rock pioneers Cream, Free and Led Zeppelin.

King Canyon proudly announces the release of two hot new tracks, “Woman” and “Smoke Stack City” as a precursor to their debut album.

If you like killer guitars riffs and unique vocals that sing with a huge amount of passion look no further than ‘Smoke Stack City’. Jimmy and James bring their speciality to this song and this makes it so great. Lyrically it is a love song and how sometimes we do big things in the name of love.

‘Woman’ is a funky catchy song that would be insane to see live! (one day Melbourne!) I adore the high energy and again, the talented James on his guitar and Jimmy using his vocal range to add emotion to the song. King Canyon are a band to watch and I look forward to their debut album.

James Ryan is a well-respected and sought after guitarist. His YouTube channel ilovenoise is about all things guitar.  It has almost 15k subscribers and accumulated over 6 million YouTube views. Ryan is also member of classic Melbourne band, The Badloves.

Jimmy Cupples is known for his huge vocal chops and energetic stage presence.

One of his original songs “Sunset Hills” was featured in the Australian movie Rise. He has been an active part of the Melbourne music scene most of his life, having learnt his craft from his uncle Peter, who was the voice and driving force behind popular 70’s Australian blue-eyed soul band Stylus.

So how did James and Jimmy connect and what was the motivating force behind King Canyon? – Ryan explains; “When the worldwide quarantine kicked in and the live scene came to sudden halt, I decided to use the time to finally pursue a band project I had wanted to do for so long”.

James’ brain was exploding with huge Strat-driven blues riffs and was now on the lookout for a vocalist who would complement the sound he had in his head.

Enter Jimmy Cupples: Ryan continues; “When Jimmy’s name came up, I thought he could be perfect. We decided to collaborate on a new song idea I had to see what would transpire. After just a few emails and voice messages, the sparks began to fly and the track “Yellow Fever” was born, which became an immediate favourite. 

I guess this is what you call chemistry!”

“Woman and “Smoke Stack City” are available now on Spotlfy and all digital platforms.

King Canyon’s debut album is scheduled for an Autumn 2021 release.

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