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KING CANYON drop a gem of a new single called ‘Angel In Disguise’.

KING CANYON is a Melbourne band have just released a stunning blues ballad called ‘Angel In Disguise’. This is a beautiful song with vocalist Jimmy Cupples amazing emotion filled voice that pulls at the heart strings. Jimmy has one of the best Aussie vocal sound right now. James Ryan displays his talent on the slide guitar and Samuel Cope on the Hammond organ.

When I heard this song live I was blown away by the emotions it brought up. I loved King Canyon’s set, and was impressed with each band members talent and their love of performing. They were mesmerising! I knew some of their songs but never having heard this song before and the fact that I knew most of the lyrics hearing it again today for the first time since then, it clearly stayed in my mind. If you have the chance to see King Canyon live I encourage you to.

Take a listen here to ‘Angel In Disguise’ that deserves to hit the top of the charts. For tour info look below. I will be at their gig with The Badloves in Belgrave and I can’t wait!

King Canyon are spectacular live as I imagined they would be” – Jen Rees (Music Injection)


Thu 10 Jun – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, VIC (with Badloves)

Wed 16 Jun – Jimmy Hornet, Richmond, VIC

Sat 26 Jun – Birds Basement, Melb, VIC (with Badloves)

Sat 17 Jul – Laurieton United Services Club, NSW (with Badloves)

Fri 13 Aug – Pub Rock Diner, Devonport, TAS (with Badloves)

Sat 14 Aug – Australian Italian Club, Launceston, TAS (with Badloves)

Sun 15 Aug – Longley International Hotel Longley, TAS (with Badloves)

Sun 29 Aug – Gympie Muster, QLD

Sat 20 Nov – November Sun Festival, Avoca, VIC (with Diesel and Badloves)

‘Angel In Disguise’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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