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Martin Mendez talks White Stones new record

Interview by Jordan Sibberas, 26th of August 2021

Most famous for his work as a founding member of Swedish progressive death metal legends, Opeth, Martin Mendez has recently been flexing his heavy chops with his side project, White Stones. Last year, they dropped their first record Kuarahy to the praise of many, but have further sharpened their songwriting, and are set to release their Sophomore record, Dancing Into Oblivion, on the 27th of August.

This time through, the tunes are sharper, the ideas are more focussed, and the band sounds alive and dangerous. Jordan sat down recently with Martin to discuss the project. Listen to their chat below:

Martin Mendez and Jordan Sibberas discuss White Stones new record, Dancing Into Oblivion.

Dancing into Oblivion is out 27/08/2021 and can be bought below:

Dancing into Oblivion

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